About Black Ace Bench

Howdy, my name’s Mikey and I’m the proud owner of Black Ace Bench. This is a site dedicated to bringing you all things sports. If you’re a sports fan, or you one of your friends or family members is a sports fan, you’ll be able to find them the perfect gift whether they’re a MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL fan! We’ve got a bit of everything here!

I’ve been an avid sports fan and player my whole life. I’ve played hockey since I was 4 years old and grew up skating on the frozen lakes of Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. I grew up with 3 brothers and 1 sister, all of which played hockey as well. I have a lot of great memories playing football, hockey, basketball, you name it. I was always down for a pickup game at the local rink or field.

Mikey, Black Ace Bench

Now I get to pass along my joy for sports to my son and daughter and help coach their local pee wee hockey teams. The early mornings and weekend road trips are a great bonding experience for us and even though it’s hard to get them out of bed most mornings, once they’re on the rink, they’re in their happy place which makes it all worth it.

I work full time at the local hardware store and have quite the sports memorabilia collection. And although hockey is my number one, I’m also a big Seahawks fan and always make time for the Sunday game to have friends and family over for a few beers and watch the game together.

In case you’re wondering where the name of my site came from, a Black Ace is a hockey term that refers to players called up for the playoffs. They are the guys that work really hard and are still trying to find their full time spot on an NHL team. It’s like a badge of honour for a prospective player. I’ve always cheered for the underdog and believe hard work goes a long way, and it speaks to my site.

I’ve always been intrigued about building a website and with the help of my friend from work, I finally met my goal of launching it. Wow, is there ever a lot to learn! I couldn’t have done it without you Jeff.

This is my first crack at owning a website and I wanted to make it a fun collection to share with other sports fans. I hope you find something memorable for the sports fan in your life. I’ve tried to include something for every price range.

Thanks for stopping by. Go Blackhawks go!